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In an age which has been characterized as "the century of Biology", the Department of Biology aiming at:

a) the promotion of biological science through high-level research and teaching,

b) the production of new knowledge - both basic and applied nature - in almost all sub-fields of biological sciences, and especially

c) meeting the needs of modern society for widely cultivated, intellectually practiced and scientifically trained and qualified human resources,

provides high quality education on all aspects of Biological Science, from molecular and cellular level to the level of ecosystems.

For this purpose, the Department organizes the following Programmes of Studies:

Programme of Undergraduate Studies in Biology, which leads to a degree after four years of attendance (eight semesters).

Programmes of Postgraduate Studies in Biology, which lead to a Master Degree (MSc).

Postgraduate Programme of Doctoral Diplomas, which leads to a PhD Degree

Through the aforementioned Programmes of Studies the following educational and research objectives of the Department are fully covered:

Sufficient preparation of students by providing them with knowledge and skills that will enable them to successfully meet the demands of science and society.

Provision of specialized and technocratic education without neglecting the humanitarian dimension, and with ultimate goal the intellectual fulfillment of graduates.

Early familiarization of students with the research process which is the cornerstone of their studies as a process of knowledge production.

Incentives to all human resources for high level research, particularly on leading edge topics.

Continuous cultivation of self-motivation, critical thinking and the capacity to collect, process, analyze and summarize scientific data and specialized information.

Preparing students for real working conditions and familiarizing with them.

Rapid adaptation to new circumstances and modern demands in order to ensure the competitiveness of graduates.

Permanent promotion and facilitation of any kind of research collaboration both intradepartmental and with other research entities in the country and abroad.

Interconnection of research to the society needs and the productive process.