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The Department of Biology offers a Doctoral Degree Program, aiming at the emergence of innovative research approaches in the scientific areas, fields or topics covered by the Department. The Program leads to a Doctoral Thesis, the award of which constitutes the highest academic distinction. For this reason, the Doctoral Thesis should be of a high level and quality to ensure the recognition of its holder by the University and the scientific community in general, both at national and international level.

The aim of the Doctoral Degree Program is the production of a high level of innovative scientific research in the subjects offered by the Department, the critical evaluation of the quality of the research through scientific dialogue, the exploitation of its results for the promotion of science and must lead to research results relevant for the advancement of knowledge in the scientific area of Biology. It also aims at providing full qualification to the candidate, who will develop high academic skills in identifying and appropriately addressing questions related to research problems.

General information

The Doctoral Thesis regulations in the Department of Biology are fully in line with the relevant provisions of the institutional framework for third-cycle postgraduate studies in Greek Higher Education. The Department of Biology has many years of experience in the design, organization and implementation of the Doctoral Degree Program.

The philosophy and content of the Doctoral Degree Program reflect the latest trends in the Departments of Biology or Biosciences in Greece and internationally. The implementation of the Program continuously incorporates modern scientific and technological developments as well as all the relevant teaching methods. The weekly physical attendance of the PhD candidate at the Department of Biology, his involvement in the teaching and research work of the Department, his presence and distance attendance in courses held at the facilities of the Department or taught in established  Post-graduate Master’s Programs, as well as his obligatory presence through publications in recognized scientific journals and international scientific conferences, provide all the necessary resources to a future scientist-researcher, making him capable of responding adequately to contemporary academic, research and job requirements.

The currently applied Regulation of the Doctoral Degree Program of the Department of Biology - elaborated according to the provisions of Law 4485/2017 and approved by the Assembly of the Department of Biology at the session of 13 December 2017 – describes the admission procedures in the Program, the assessment of the PhD candidate’s progress and the procedures for the completion of a Doctoral Thesis, so that each PhD candidate: a) knows in advance the study environment to which he is applying for admission, and b) knows his obligations and rights upon admission.

Candidates interested in performing a Doctoral Thesis at the Department of Biology must submit in person or through an authorized representative the following application (in greek) to the Secretariat of the Department of Biology, together with all necessary supporting documents.


    Application form for admission to the Doctoral Program of the Department (in Greek)

  Other Useful Forms (in Greek)

In order to obtain a Doctoral Degree, PhD candidates must submit a copy of their Doctoral Thesis to the Library of the School of Sciences and register it at the digital repository "PERGAMOS", according to the policy of the Library and Information Center of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, following the relevant registration procedure, after completing and submitting the relevant registration form (for changes and modifications of the digital repository's operating instructions, browse here)