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The Department of Biology is divided into Departments. Each Department coordinates the teaching of a Department's subject that corres- ponds to a specific field of Biological Science. Bodies of the Department are the General Assembly and the Director.

The General Assembly of the Department consists of Department's Department Members, the representatives of students (up to two), and by a representative of: a) Assistants & Research Associates, b) Special Laboratory Teaching Staff, c) Special Technical Laboratory Staff as well as non-doctoral Assistants, Scientists and Curators from those assigned to the Department.

The Department's General Assembly: a) elects the Director of the Department, b) coordinates the work of the Department under the decisions of the General Assembly of the Department, c) submits proposals to the General Assembly of the Department related to curriculum, d) allocates the funds of the Department in various teaching and research activities, e) elects the Directors of Laboratories of the Department, f) decides on the allocation of teaching to the Department's academic staff and on every issue that may concern the Department.

The Director of the Department convenes the Department's General Assembly, draws up the agenda, presides over the meetings and ensures the implementation of the General Assembly's decisions.

The Department of Biology currently includes the following Departments:

the Section of Animal & Human Physiology,

the Section of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, which includes the Laboratory of Biochemistry,

the Section of Botany, which includes the Laboratory of General Botany,

the Section of Cell Biology & Biophysics,

the Section of Ecology & Systematics, which includes the Laboratory of Systematic Botany,

the Section of Genetics & Biotechnology, which includes the Laboratory of Biology and

the Section of Zoology - Marine Biology, which includes the Laboratory of Zoology.

In addition the Department of Biology is responsible for the operation of the Zoological Museum, the Botanical Museum and the Botanical Garden of the University of Athens.

Also, the Department of Biology effectively participates in the administration and assists to the proper functioning of the Botanical Garden of Julia & Alexander Diomidous.