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Currently, the Department has 40 permanent Members of Academic/Teaching & Research Staff - who contribute to its under- and post-graduate programes, along with many impermanent visiting professors and distinguished scientists - 21 Members of Teaching Staff from other University's Schools and Faculties, around 500 undergraduate students, 70 postgraduate students and over 50 graduate research students.

The staff of the Department is composed of:


A. Academic/Teaching & Research Staff: Those who belong to the Department of Biology because they hold permanent University posts: Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors.

All these Department Members hold doctorate degrees in their field and are engaged in under- and post-graduate teaching as well as in research conducted under national or international collaborative programmes. Thus, the undergraduate students benefit from the research activities of the Faculty.

Specially selected Department Members serve as Academic Advisers who are always available to supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students.

In addition, most of them are responsible for one or more of the Department 's main resources and participate in more than one of its Committees.


B. Laboratory & Administrative Staff: Those Department Members without official teaching duties who work as Tutors, Technicians and post-doctoral Researchers on various Department projects, as well as other Support Staff that provide essential back-up services for the whole Faculty:

a) Assistants & Research Associates, who are mainly postdoctoral researchers engaged in a range of significant research and teaching activities of the Department . Their main role is to cooperate with the Members of Academic/Teaching & Research Staff and assist them in their teaching duties.

b) Special Laboratory Teaching Staff, who are administering the Department 's laboratories and perform specific applied and laboratory teaching work.

c) Special Technical Laboratory Staff who provide infrastructure for the overall operation of the Department , offering specialized technical laboratory services for the most complete implementation of its educational, research and applied work.