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Vassili N. Kouvelis Office: 14 (VI+8) - Lab. Tel: [30] 210 727 4094
Assistant Professor of Genetics & Biotechnology Personal Webpage
  E-mail: kouvelis[at]biol.uoa[dot]gr
Curriculum Vitae Tel: [30] 210 727 4488 - Fax: [30] 210 727 4318


Molecular Genetics of Microorganisms of Biotechnological importance.

In detail, the following subjects are among my research interests:

  • The analyses and comparative study of whole genomes with an emphasis to the mitochondrial genomes of fungi and in specific entomo- and phyto-pathogenic organisms.
  • The genome analyses  of several strains of the ethanol-producing bacterium Zymomonas mobilis.
  • Τhe molecular discrimination and identification of species and strains with molecular approaches like RFLPs, AFLPs, hybridisations, PCR and sequencing of nuclear and mitochondrial genes.
  • The phylogenetic, phylogeographic study and the evolutionary relations of fungal species.
  • The pathogenicity mechanisms and the study of pathogenicity genes of entomopathogenic and mycetophilous fungi.
  • The risk assessment of fungi and their secondary metabolites which are being used as Biological Control Agents for the protection of crops against insect and fungal pests with the application of mutagenicity assay (Ames test).
  • The development of molecular tools for the genetic monitoring of basidiomycetes (Pleurotus nebrodensis) and plant species (Stachys virgata) which are critically endangered or threatened with extinction.