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Aristeidis Parmakelis
Office: 41 (ΙΧ+4)
Associate Professor of Biodiversity Personal Webpage
and Population Ecology E-mail: aparmakel[at]biol.uoa[dot]gr
Curriculum Vitae Tel: [30] 210 727 4736 - Fax: [30] 210 727 4885


  My research revolves around the combination of molecular systematics, population genetics, phylogeography, ecology and multivariate morphometrics. I am fascinated by the diversity of various animal groups, and I am in a continuous struggle to set their divergence in a temporal and spatial frame. Up to now I have been researching in the ecology, phylogeography, radiation and systematics of land-snails, lizards, scorpions, spiders, isopods, myriapods and cave crickets. The evolution of pygmy elephants in the Mediterranean region is also one of my interests. In general I have significant experience in retrieving DNA from highly deteriorated starting material, such as museum specimens or fossils.  
  The geographical area that I have been researching on has been the Mediterranean; however I have recently included remote oceanic Archipelagoes such as the Azores.  
  During the last years, I have focused my research enquiries into mosquitoes' genetics and evolution as well.