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Constantinos E. Vorgias Office: 9 (V+8)
Professor of Biochemistry Personal Website
  E-mail: cvorgias[at]biol.uoa[dot]gr
Curriculum Vitae Tel: [30] 210 727 4514 - Fax: [30] 210 727 4158


Protein structure-function and protein engineering studies on a variety of members of the HU histone like DNA binding proteins from procaryotes and archaea towards understanding their thermostability mechanism and interaction with DNA.
Protein structure-function and protein engineering studies on two bacterial chitin degradation enzymes, chitinases and chitobiase from procaryotes and archaea towards understanding their mechanism for catalysis, adaptation to various temperatures and substrate recognition.
Design of new inhibitors specific for chitobiase/hexosaminidase.
Elucidation of the folding-unfolding reversibility mechanism of the thermostable TIM-barrel enzyme chitinase-40 (Chi40) by rational design and directed evolution.
Molecular biology of various stress responses of lactic bacteria
Breast cancer stem cells resistance mechanisms in genotoxic insults: Applications in diagnosis, personalized treatment strategies and prognosis of disease progression.
Interaction of Rad51 with p53 and BRCA2: Single substitutions in amino-acid residues of Rad51, located in the area interacting with p53 and BRCA2, dramatically alters Rad51’s behaviour.
Dental cone beam ct irradiation effects on molecules involved in maintenance of genome integrity.
Structure-function studies on LMKT3 and CK1δ.
Development and screening of novel, rationally designed IAPP (amylin) variant/analogue-peptides as drugs for diabetes type II
Peptide-linked small molecule scaffolds as new concept to develop specific protein kinase inhibitors.
An integrated concept for monitoring and evaluating the physicochemical and biological parameters of various groundwater model systems (polluted in various ways) towards early warning and contaminant source identification for assuring resource sustainability.