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The Students Association of the Department "Hesiod" is an institutionalized body of the Department's students, it is represented on all governing bodies of the Department and it is a member of the National Student Union of Greece (EFEE).

The students along with their registration are automatically made members of the Association.

The aim of the Association is to solve students' problems on issues related to educational instruction, the curriculum and generally the proper functioning of the Department.

It promotes student demands to the administrative bodies of the Department and generally strives to improve the quality of studies and the daily presence of students at the Department. Moreover it organizes several educational, scientific and cultural events as well as events for professional prospects.

The main objective of the Association is to activate and sensitize the Department's students to participate in the community.

The Students Association bodies are: a) the General Assembly, b) the Governing Council and c) the Committees of each Acadenmic Year.

The General Assembly is the Students Association sovereign body that takes decisions on any case concerning the Association. The General Assembly meets twice a year but also whenever the circumstances so require.

The Governing Council is of seven members and represents the Αssociation during one academic year. Its members are elected each year during the student elections held in mid-spring, according to the propotional representation method.

The Academic Year Committees are five members, elected annually by the students of each year of study. Their aim is the recording of individual problems faced by the students of each year of study, the submission of proposals for solving them and the promotion to the Department's competent bodies.

The Students Association office is located at the entrance of the Department, on the side of the Department of Pharmacy.

The official announcements/posts of the Students Association appear on two bulletin boards (on the Department's first floor and at the entrance of Amphitheater 11B) as well as on bulletin boards of the Department's Secretariat.