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The coordinators of the following list of courses provide teaching support in English for all incoming students and have ensured that an adequate number of copies of academic (in English) textbooks relating to the courses' material, are available in the University's library. The study material for the exams of these courses originates from the textbooks available to the students through the library.

Course Title ECTS Code Semester Professors Project Thesis* Suggested books, essays, articles,
research references
Molecular Microbiology 4.0 13Β019 5th G. Diallinas YES Articles, research references 
Molecular Ecology 4.0 13Β049 7th A. Parmakelis NO An introduction to molecular ecology 3rd edition (ISBN:9780198716990)
Island Biogeography 4.0 13Β052 8th A. Parmakelis NO Island Biogeography: Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation 2nd Edition (ISBN:9780198566120)
Topics in Contemporary Biochemistry 5.5 13Β051 8th C. Vorgias NO Research references 
Molecular Plant Development 5.5 13Β047 7th K. Haralampidis NO Mechanisms in Plant Development (ISBN: 0-86542-742-9)
Plant Biology (Chapter 5: Development) (ISBN: 978-0-8153-4025-6)
Ecosystems of Inland Waters 4.0 13Β048 7th S. Genitsaris NO Limnology - Lake and River Ecosystems (ISBN: 0-12-744760-1)
Phycology 4.0 13Β044 7th S. Genitsaris YES Algae (2nd edition) (ISBN: 978-0-321-55965-4)
Biological Oceanography 5.5 13B040 7th D. Raitsos NO Essentials of Oceanography (13th Edition),   Authors: Harold V Thurman, Alan P Trujillo (ISBN:  9780134891521)
Molecular Genetics 6.5 13Β027 6th  A.-M. Pappas NO Ιntroduction to Genetic Analysis (Griffiths et al), 11th edition [ISBN: 978-1-4641-0948-5 (Hardcover), 978-1-4641-8804-6 (Loose-Leaf)]
Immunology 5.5 13Β021 5th O. Tsitsilonis NO Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Ninth Edition, Authors:  Abul K. Abbas, Andrew H. H. Lichtman, Shiv Pillai (ISBN: 978-0323479783)
Kuby Immunology, Eighth Edition, Authors: Jenni Punt, Sharon Stranford, Patricia Jones, Judy Owen (ISBN: 978-1464189784)
Neurobiology - Neurochemistry 4.0 13Β045 7th   NO Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain, 3rd Edition (ISBN-10 0781760038 - ISBN-13 978-0781760034)
Neurobiology - Neurochemistry 4.0 13Β045 7th S. Efthimiopoulos NO Neuroscience (ISBN: 9781605358413)
Neurobiology - Neurochemistry 4.0 13Β045 7th S. Efthimiopoulos NO Basic Neurochemistry: Principles of Molecular, Cellular, and Medical Neurobiology 8th Edition (ISBN-13: 978-0123749475 - ISBN-10: 0125468075)
Physical Anthropology 5.5 13Β024 5th M.-E. Chovalopoulou NO Introduction to Physical Anthropology 15th Edition by Robert Jurmain, Lynn Kilgore, Wenda Trevathan, Russell L. Ciochon (ISBN-13: 978-1337099820)
Plant Physiology 8.0 13Β010 3rd A. Roussis NO Plant Physiology and Development (ISBN:9781605352558)
Bioinformatics 5.5 13Β041 7th V. Iconomidou NO Introduction to Bioinformatics (A. Lesk) (ISBN:978-0-19-879414-1)
Biophysics 6.5 13B033 6th V. Iconomidou NO Introduction to Protein Structure (Branden & Tooze) (ISBN:0-8153-2305-0)
Plant Cell Biology 5.5 13Β020 5th  I-D Adamakis YES Plant Cell Biology From Astronomy to Zoology (ISBN:978-0-12-374233-9)
Plant Ecoanatomy 5.5 13Β018 5th  I-D Adamakis YES Plant Anatomy: A Concept-Based Approach to the Structure of Seed Plants (ISBN: 978-3-319-77208-0)


* Project Thesis: 6 weeks: 4 ECTS - 12 weeks: 8 ECTS