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Mode of study: Full Time

Programme requirements:

Attendance for 8 semesters and the successful examination in 16 obligatory/mandatory courses, the diploma dissertation (DIPLOMA THESIS)  and the necessary number of optional courses (out of 37), in which up to 2 free-choice elective courses (i.e., courses offered from other Departments of NKUA) may be included, in order to complete the minimum total of 240 ECTS.   

The vast majority of courses are offered by the seven Sections of the Department of Biology, i.e. Section of Animal and Human Physiology, Section of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Section of Botany, Section of Cell Biology and Biophysics, Section of Ecology and Systematics, Section of Genetics and Biotechnology and Section of Zoology – Marine Biology (http://en.biol.uoa.gr/). The effective curriculum consists of a large number of lectures, laboratory classes and field work excursions, thus, ensuring a wide and thorough education in most current aspects of Biology. Students have the option of attending free-choice elective courses offered by other Departments of the University of Athens, with a maximum of two (2) courses during their studies.

One of the obligatory/mandatory courses is the Diploma dissertation (“πτυχιακή or διπλωματική εργασία”), which entails training in original research conducted during the 7th and 8th semester. For graduation, the minimum requirement for a graduate is to obtain 240 ECTS credits.

Graduates of the Department of Biology acquire knowledge pertaining to the structure, function, development and differentiation of living organisms at the molecular, genetic, biochemical, cellular, tissue and organism level. They gain insights into the relations and interactions between living organisms and the environment, as well as acquire basic research background related to current biotechnological research and applications. Overall, the graduates are fully equipped to engage in various fields of Biology, if desired to pursue further studies at a post-graduate level