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Compulsory/Elective Code Semester Lectures Practicals Credits ECTS
Elective  13Β024 5th 3 Hrs/Wk  3 Hrs/Wk 4 5,5

Familiarization of students with the basic principles of Biological Anthropology. Focusing on the basic concepts of the course, students are encouraged to think, evaluate and use the information they provide instead of memorizing at  the exam. The lesson is divided into three parts. The first part introduces students to the field of Anthropology, the Science of Natural Anthropology, Darwinian evolution, Human biology, contemporary evolutionary synthesis, human diversity and primate biology. The second part describes the evolution of the primates, the upper monkeys, the first Hominnins, and finally the evolution of Homo. The third part presents the future of human evolution.


With the successful completion of the course, students are expected to: a) have acquired the basic knowledge in the various areas of Biological Anthropology so that they can be involved in research or practice in the future; b) have one good training on the peculiarities of human evolution. Additionally, the knowledge provided will be the basis for their work on topics such as Forensic Anthropology, Skeletal Biology, Archaeological Anthropology and Evolutionary Anthropology.


Introductory concepts (2 hours). Introduction to evolutionary theory (3 hours). Basic elements of Human Biology (2 hours). Introduction to Genetics and Genomics (2 hours). Modern Evolutionary History (3 hours). Ecology of Primary Behavior (4 hours). The Early Primary Evolution (3 hours). Evolution of Early Homminins (3 hours). Early Homo and evolution of Homo (9 hours). The Rise of Modern Humans (3 hours) The human biological diversity (3 hours). The Present and the Future of Human Evolution (2 hours).


1. Human skeleton study – 2. Determination of sex - Determination of the age of death and principles of paleodemography – 3. Anthropometry and character diversity I & II – 4. Study of evolutionary forces – 5. Primates I – 6. Primates II – 7. Primary III ( Mondern Methods of Phylogenetical analysis)

  Lectures: Efstratios Valakos, Professor of Comparative Animal Physiology - Ecophysiology (Coordinator) - Spiros Efthimiopoulos, Professor of Animal & Human Physiology - Neurobiology - Panagiota Papazafiri, Associate Professor of Animal Physiology -  Ioanna-Katerina AggeliAssistant Professor of Animal Physiology - Maria-Eleni Chovalopoulou, Assistant Professor of Physical Anthropology
  Practicals: Efstratios Valakos, Professor of Comparative Animal Physiology - Ecophysiology - Dr. A. Marmari (Laboratory Teaching Staff) - Dr. A. Foteinopoulou (Laboratory Teaching Staff) - Dr. S. Papavasileiou (Laboratory Teaching Staff)

There are no prerequisites for the student to choose and attend the course.

The course is offered to Erasmus students: Teaching in Greek language - Exams in English language.

The evaluation process is carried out in Greek language (there is the possibility in English for Erasmus students), with a final written examination of the whole course.

The average grade of Laboratory Practicals contributes 30% to the final, total, course grade.

  If you require more information, please contact the Course Coordinator, Prof. E. Valakos at Tel: 0030 210 727 4376, Ε-mail: evalakos[at]biol.uoa[dot]gr