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Compulsory/Elective Code Semester Lectures Practicals Credits ECTS
Elective 13Β023 5th 4 Hrs/Wk  - 4 5,5

The course deals with advanced issues of Molecular Biology and its wide applications, including cutting-edge molecular technologies.


Knowledge: At the end of the course students should know how non-coding RNAs along with promoters and enhancers regulate eukaryotic gene transcription regulation, the molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, how transgenic animals can be exploited to answer key questions of gene function, the principles of the cutting-edge technology of next-generation sequencing, the basic principles of Pharmacogenomics, the molecular mechanisms of the new generation targeting drugs, the basic principles of Molecular Virology  and Molecular Oncology.

Skills: At the end of the course students should have understood the importance of the course of Molecular Biology and its central position in Biological Sciences, as well as the significance of the powerful techniques of Molecular Biology in Pharmacy, Health, Agriculture, and Biotechnology.

Abilities: At the end of the course students should be able to cooperate with their teammates in the framework of solving experimental problems of Molecular Biology and to apply cutting-edge technologies in distinct fields needing deep knowledge of Molecular Biology.


Principles of Omics (2 hours) – Non-coding RNA (4 hours) - Signaling (4 hours) – Promoters and enhancers (2 hours) – Eukaryotic gene transcription regulation (4 hours) - Molecular mechanism of neurodegeneration (6 hours) – Transgenic animals (4 hours) – Epigenetic mechanisms (4 hours) – Next-generation sequencing (8 hours) – Molecular methodologies of Genome Projects (4 hours), Molecular mechanism of action of new drugs (4 hours) – Principles of Molecular Virology (2 hours) - Molecular Oncology (4 hours).

  Lectures: Andreas ScorilasProfessor of Clinical Biochemistry (Coordinator) - Dido Vassilacopoulou, Associate Professor in Biochemistry of Eukaryotic Organisms - Christos Kontos, Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology - Dr. Eleftheria Kravariti (Laboratory Teaching Staff)

There are no prerequisites for the student to choose and attend the course.

The course is offered to Erasmus students: Teaching in Greek language - Exams in English language.

The evaluation process is carried out in Greek language (there is the possibility in English for Erasmus students), with a final examination of the whole course that includes: Written examination with graded difficulty questions including: a) Multiple choice and matching questions, b) Short open-ended questions, c) Problems and/or exercises based on the theoretical knowledge provided in lectures.

  If you require more information, please contact the Course Coordinator, Prof. Andreas Scorilas at Tel.: (+30) 210-727-4616; email: ascorilas[at]biol.uoa[dot]gr or Dr. Eleftheria Kravariti at Tel.: (+30) 210-727-4507 & 4744 & 4301, email: larakrav[at]biol.uoa[dot]gr