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Compulsory/Elective Code Semester Lectures Practicals Credits ECTS
Elective 13A506 5th 3 Hrs/Wk 2 Hrs/Wk 4 5.5

Providing up to date knowledge concerning the structure, organization and operation of the plant cell.


Those who attend the course (together with the practicum courses) will have the necessary expertise to engage in graduate level with problems relating to Plant Cell Biology. At the same time, will have acquired the ability to study the structure and development of plant cell using the electron microscope.


Introduction (2 Hours): Microscopic structure of plant cell. Organization of plant cells, evolution, deviations in evolution. Methods of studying the structure and function of plant cell.

The outer surface of the plant cell (6 Hours): a) Biogenesis, physical and chemical properties of the cell wall, wall changes during growth and differentiation b) Plasmalemma, c) Cell wall-plasmalemma complexes, plasmodesmata.

Cytoskeleton (6 Hours): Distribution, structure, chemical composition, molecular assembly, polymerization, organization and activities of microtubules and actin microfilaments. Other proteins associated with cytoskeleton.

Plastids (6 Hours): a) Chloroplasts (architecture, submicroscopic structure, molecular organization, origin and function of thylacoids, photosystem structure , plastid DNA, ribosomes, C4 plant chloroplasts chloroplasts of algae). b) Submicroscopic organization and operation of other plastids. c) Autonomy, plastid division

Microbodies (2 Hours): Structure, chemical composition, origin, growth, functions.

Vacuolar system (2 Hours): Organization, origin, growth, functions.

Endomembranic system (4 Hours): Organization, origin and functions.

Mitosis (6 Hours): Organization and development of mitotic apparatus in plants. Mechanisms of chromosomal movement.

Cytokinetic device (3 Hours): Organization and development, determination of division plane

Polarity. Cells with tip growth. (2 Hours)


Study with electron microscope: 1. Organization of the typical plant cells. 2. The organization of the photosynthetic apparatus of higher plants. 3. The organization of the photosynthetic apparatus of lower plants. 4. The organization of the mitotic and cytokinetic device of higher plants. 5. The organization of the mitotic and cytokinetic device of lower plants.

  Lectures: I. - D. Adamakis, Assistant Professor of Plant Biology emphasis on structure (Course Coordinator) - Dr. Hel. Giannoutsou, Laboratory Teaching Staff - Dr. Pen. Sotiriou, Laboratory Teaching Staff
  Practicals: I. - D. Adamakis, Assistant Professor of Plant Biology emphasis on structure (Course Coordinator) - Dr. Hel. Giannoutsou, Laboratory Teaching Staff Dr. Pen. Sotiriou, Laboratory Teaching Staff
  The grade of the practicum courses count as the 30% of the final grade of the course. The grade of the practicum course derive from a separate examination test. A passable grade is required also for the practicum course.
  If you require more information, please contact the Course Coordinator, Prof. I. - D. Adamakis at: Tel:  (+30) 210 727 4653; e-mail: iadamaki[at]biol.uoa[dot]gr